Since 2003, Junk Removal and Haulings have continued to provide excellent service in helping customers remove their junk, construction garbage, waste, debris, and more. We focus on building trust by offering a fast and affordable approach to stressful situations.

Our Main Focus

Clean up the environment
Strive for excellent customer service
Competitive prices
No hidden charges

Our junk trucks work to carry even the biggest items to help you get the most out of your money.

Here’s what we remove:

Yard waste
Household junk
Unused furniture, electronics, appliances
Construction debris

With Junk Removal and Haulings, we aim to go the extra mile to help you leave your space junk-free by the time we’re through.

Junk Removal and Haulings can operate and perform our services with our customers’ homes, offices, yard and commercial properties. Our expert movers are trained to understand the circumstances of our customers to help serve them better.

Eco-Friendly Responsibility

When you choose Junk Removal and Haulings for your next junk removal pickup, rest assured you would have a peace of mind knowing that essential items will have the chance to be reused with non-profit organizations.

We can perform thorough clean outs and other intense labor remove jobs that you require. Our goal is to donate and recycle waste as much as possible to help send the items to their necessary locations. We personally sort numerous materials that are recyclable.

Listed below are the city pages of our preferred supplier of removalists services in australia:

Our Preferred Removalists:

Any useable household items are dropped off at the local thrift store. If the items cannot be recycled, we will properly dispose the junk at the necessary public transfer stations.

We guarantee 100% excellent customer service that our customers can always count on.

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When moving we advise you take note of 5 Tips.


1/ Always, Always, always get more than 2 removalists quotes - 1 will always be much cheaper than the other 2

2/ Try and avail yourself of some type of packing service - this is the hardest part of DIY removals

3/ Label all your moving boxes

4/ Don't try and lift anything yourself, you will most likely injure your back or something else

5/ Stay out of the way on moving day


Important moving information:

The services offered by the various removalists should specify if there is any kind of warranty on the transportation of goods, whether the goods are insured, and the customer will be compensated for damage. The customer should also be informed if he or she will be compensated in case there is a delay in delivery of the packed items at the specified location or any item is missing. In some cases, the customer may have to transport vehicles like motorcycles, or pets like pet fish, dogs and cats, and may not have the facilities and expertise to handle and transport different kinds of items , animals, as the animals may die during transportation and specific licenses will be required.

For information on moves to any other Australian location - see our inner pages for more details

Recycle items often include:

Yard waste